Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

(In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

"When my servant asks you (O Muhammad) about me, (tell them) I am close to them: I listen to the prayer of each supplicant when he asks Me. Let them listen to My call and believe in Me, that they may walk in the right way" -(Quran 2:186)
Say, (O Muhammad, to mankind): If ye love Allah, follow me; Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

Heart of a believer

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"The Day whereon neither wealth nor sons will avail, but only he (will prosper) that brings to Allah a sound heart." (Al-Quran: 26:88-89)

"Those who believe, and whose hearts find comfort in the remembrance of Allah! " Behold in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction."
(Al-Quran: 13-28)


The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) said:

"Surely, in the body is a piece of flesh, and if it is sound, the whole body is sound; and if it is damaged, the body is diseased. Surely, it is the heart."
(Bukhari and Muslim)

"There is a polish for everything that becomes rusty, and the polish for the heart is the remembrance of Allah" Read more


Remembrance of Allah

Then do ye remember Me and I will remember you.Quran (2-152)

The Prophet (SAW) said "Allah (SWT) says:

"I am to my servant as he expects of Me, I am with him when he remembers Me. If he remembers Me in his heart, I remember him in My heart, and if he remembers Me in an assembly, I mention him in an assembly better than his, and if he draws nearer to Me a hand's span, I draw nearer to him an arm's length, and if he comes to me walking I come to him running."


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